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Current Events

A Tribute to the Past

When historical society volunteers Gladys Moore and Carol Lemieux learned that the Bunnell Centennial Celebration Committee was conducting a contest to spruce up local fire hydrants to commemorate the city’s anniversary, they declared “We can …” and so they did.


Gladys and Carol felt nothing could be more appropriate for Palm Coast Historical Society’s entry into the contest than the remnants of Dixie Highway (locally known as “the old brick road”) bordered by native trees and traversed by a vintage car. They created a true work of art and their efforts were rewarded with the citation “First Place Centennial Beautification Award, City of Bunnell 1913-2013.”

The CPCHS assigned hydrant stands in a lonely spot in a field alongside SR100. It is difficult to find, but worth the effort. On the north side of the highway, it is west of Belle Terre. Enter the road to St. Stephen’s Catholic Church (just east of Bachman’s Antiques, 2360 E. Moody Blvd) – and voila! There it is!

Congratulations to Gladys and Carol on their artistic and “historic” achievement!




Fire Hydrant Winners
The winning hydrant
The happy artists









Flagler County “Team of the Year” Award 

The City of Palm Coast Historical Society was awarded Volunteer Team of the Year
by the Flagler County Volunteer Services on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. 




PCHS awardees: Art Dycke, Kay Stafford, Eileen Carter, Robert Evans, Gladys Moore, Yerdis Trexler,
Norma Kendrick and Ed Moore. Not pictured: Betty Buchanan, Carol Lemieux, George Libonati.





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