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A Full Gamut of Volunteer Opportunities

You’ve visited our website or read The Palm Coast Historian and now you’re intrigued with the idea of taking a more active part in this organization that’s enlightening citizens about the community’s past. Your own professional and personal background equips you in a special way to provide help in the following areas:

Data entry (Past Perfect software), inventory, scanning, identifying photos, filing, and photographing items such as framed pictures, trophies, maps, etc.


Or you might be that rare individual who’s had experience with grant application and research. We really need you.


Like working with your hands? You’d like to build map holders and exhibits? You would experience instant gratification as you see your project take shape. Please consider this.


More on the cerebral side, we need a volunteer to shine a light on the historical society via the news media or contacting local organizations with information about us.


We’re also looking for a “story teller” who would like to bring our past to life in our publication, The Palm Coast Historian.


Furthermore, we promise you a great group of people to call your new friends.



Phone: 386-283-5929
email: info@palmcoasthistory.org

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